Beating college with a disability! From the Huffington post


A wonderful article was shared on the Huffington post from Bryan Dooley, about disabilities in a University. Dooley shares his tips and tricks to navigating the hard career of an education. Losing the support system that you have during your k-12 education is always an adjustment.

Dooley talks about his struggles hiring a Personal Care Assistant while at University. Communication is always a key point in hiring someone to take care of you. “It is important for your PCA to really get to know you as a person and not just a job. They will be less likely to blow off their responsibility if they have a personal interest in you,” Dooley says.

Another important note that Dooley makes in his blog, is to have a social life while in college. The social aspect of college is one of the most important. Learn how to interact with other students, speak to your instructors, administrative staff, campus staff, and learn about people. Whether you are studying sociology or math, the interactions and relationships that you make while at university can lead to a bright future in your field. Of course, the curriculum is important too, but enjoy every moment learning about what is right in front of you nose.

If you are interested in applying for¬†universities, I highly recommend reading this article to get an insight on Dooley’s great plan to be successful while at school.

Read the full blog here.

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