Boost Camp conquers distant learning

We decided to check in and see how things are going with some our favorite students in Boost Camp! Distant learning is hard for everyone, especially children with mobile disabilities, but Saskia Kramer has done an amazing job at lining up an enriching program for her students, allowing them to grow and succeed while at home!

“We have been in distance learning since March 16th. We have daily contact with our students over FaceTime and Zoom. The kids have their own individualized daily routine/schedule and are encouraged to take part in at least 4 classes a day (out of about 8 to choose from) on top of extracurricular activities that are posted on the Google Classroom. We have movement program sessions that focus on mobility, math, language arts, science, dance, fine motor, arts & crafts, lunch groups, read alouds and afternoon meetings.
It has been eye opening in terms of what technology is out there and it is absolutely a different way of teaching. We definitely miss being in a single classroom and seeing each other in person, nothing can ever replace that. While distance learning is much harder on parents, interestingly, we have experienced that they all became even more engaged in their child’s education then before. They have done an amazing job being there for their kids and working full time. The bond between siblings is also much stronger and the everyday stress of getting to school, then to therapy is now replaced with a slower paced daily routine. I am proud of my students, they have adjusted very well to this “new world” and they keep surprising us with their abilities.
We are getting ready for our BOOST Summer Intensive that will be held over Zoom for four weeks. We are excited to see each other, connect and continue to work towards a life without limits. We really hope to be back to in person instruction soon (fingers crossed) and to be able hug our kids again soon. 

Thanks to Boost Camp and Saskia, for letting us know how these wonderful students are doing during lockdown. We hope to see their smiling faces soon too!