2019 Life Without Limits

POPS is a sponsor of Life Without Limits! We are excited to share UCP of the North Bay’s annual awards ceremony celebrating individuals of all ages from six different recreation programs who exemplify what it means to live a “Life Without Limits.”

Share with this great video of their accomplishments and achievements!

Hello from Molly!

Avalon Academy and POPS Kids have been working hard to change children’s lives! Molly was one of our earliest students from some 20+ years ago! And POPS is so incredibly proud. It is amazing to see the progress with Cerebral Palsy and the way it changes lives.

I lived.

UCPNB and POPS Kids have worked together for so many years and we are inspired by all these amazing stories.

Conductive Education has allowed so many children with Cerebral Palsy to reach new limits and push down boundaries. It has been our pride and joy to see these kids grow up and follow their dreams. Thank you to UCPNB and their inspiring programs that allows these kids to excel!

Thank you Sky Ranch Foundation!

A huge thank you to Sky Ranch Foundation for their generous grant of $30,000 for POPS Kids! POPS was founded in 1993 to serve those in the community who were unable to receive aid from traditional sources. We began simply by helping one little girl with cerebral palsy, whose family was unable to receive necessary aid from mainstream community agencies. Our original mission was to provide the assistance other agencies would not. Since 1993 we have offered the Referral Service Program and the Family Assistance Program. In 1996 we established a third program, the Conductive Education Program, and we have found that this is where our community needs us the most.

Molly, the girl who inspired us all!

Since 1996 POPS Kids has been using conductive education to teach children with motor disabilities at a young age. Conductive education is a system of teaching and learning that enables children (and adults) with motor disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, to function more independently. Developed at the Peto Institute in Hungary over 50 years ago, this system motivates and empowers individuals with motor disabilities to find their own solutions to daily living problems. The success of the ongoing CE Programs provided proof that conductive education can build self esteem, independence and physical stamina in children with motor disabilities.

POPS is dedicated to the continued advancement of conductive education in California and the Nation. Our hope, that in our role as the fund raising entity and source of support for conductive education we can, in the not too distant future, offer tuition free classes in all of our affiliated teaching centers. This generous grant from Sky Ranch Foundation allows us to keep these children learning, growing, and succeeding in their lives. Truly creating a life without limits.

Mike Donohoe with Jack Brennan and Ursula Miller

For over six decades the Sky Ranch Foundation’s SKY RANCH FOR BOYS® has been assisting young people rehabilitate their lives for the better. Sky Ranch Foundation is committed to giving at-risk youth a second chance. POPS kids is more than honored to be a grant recipient of Sky Ranch Foundation in order to provide Conductive Education and opportunities for children with Motor Disabilities.

Thank you Sky Ranch Foundation for all your support!
UCPNB’s programs to support children with Cerebral Palsy

An interview with Tanya Sheckley, founder of UP Academy!


Tanya Sheckley, founder of UP Academy, talks about creating possibilities and closing the expectation gap. 

“The blocks of life were already stacked against her, we needed an environment where she could be fully supported to do her best,” Sheckley writes. 

Read about Tanya’s inspirational story and what motivated her to be part of the change!