Welcome to our new board members!

Please join Peninsula Outreach Programs, Inc. in welcoming our two newest Board Members:

Jon Guy

guy 31 shari flemingJon Guy is a long time corporate finance executive with General Mills.  During the past fifteen years he has held several leadership positions in social service fundraising and most recently was Major Gifts Officer for the St. Rose Dominican Health Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada




Tanya Ariana Bendis

Tanya graduated from the University of California, Irvine Magna Cum Laude and continued her career in dance and PR at Mystic Ballet. She is passionate about movement and dance, and looks forward to working with POPS Kids to help children with movement disabilities succeed, grow, and learn. Tanya will be our new director of PR and Web.

Sky Ranch Foundation

skyranch-black with SM

People never stand so tall as when they stoop to help a child


July 2015 – At a Board meeting held recently in Tampa, Florida, Sky Ranch Foundation℠ (www.skyranchfoundation.org) reviewed Letters of Inquiry from several organizations that help in the rehabilitation of at-risk youth and has awarded $180,000 in grants to nine deserving organizations: Peninsula Outreach Programs, Inc and Pacific Lodge Youth Services of California, Rapid City Club for Boys and Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud of South Dakota, Boys and Girls Haven of Kentucky, Red Hook Initiative and Boys’ and Girls’ Towns of Italy of New York and Urban Initiatives and SOS Children’s Villages of Illinois.

Our first 2015 grant, $10,000, was awarded to Peninsula Outreach Programs Inc. (POPS Kids) of California. Founded in 1993, POPS Kids serves those in the community who are unable to receive aid from traditional sources. The Family Assistance Program and the Referral Service Program provide a valuable safety net for those “falling through the cracks”. However, it is their Conductive Education Program, added to POPS in 1995, that filled the greatest and most immediate need. To learn more, visit www.popskids.org.

George McCarthy, Chairman and Ralph Aguera, President of Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ note, “We are proud to award a renewed grant to POPS Kids. Their continued good work has helped hundreds of at-risk boys and girls”.

Ursula Miller, Founder and CEO of POPS Kids says, “For the third year in a row Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is generously supporting Life Without Limits, a unique program providing opportunities for motor disabled children to enjoy summer recreation. The generosity of the beverage alcohol industry at large, including Sky Ranch Foundation and Southern Wine & Spirits, has been a lifeline for our program expansion in Northern and Southern California. We could not grow these programs without their ongoing support and we are most grateful.”

Please join the Foundation ℠ at our memorial ceremony in South Dakota on Saturday August 29 as we unveil a distinctive plaque designed to honor the dedicated men and women who worked at Sky Ranch for Boys ® during its 51 years of service. For information, contact Dori Bryant at 727-947-3522 and doribryant@aol.com.

About Sky Ranch Foundation and Sky Ranch For Boys ®

Since 2011, the Foundation ℠ has awarded $922,394 in grants to organizations providing support for at-risk youth. Formed in 1961 and building on more than 50 years of tradition, Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is a tax-exempt charitable organization committed to identifying and offering grants to efficient and effective programs focused on improving the quality of help available to these youth.

Sky Ranch Foundation ℠ is governed by a board of directors comprised mainly of active and retired members of the beverage alcohol industry. The Foundation’s ℠ funds have come largely from individuals and companies associated with the beer, wine and spirits industries and reflects the industry’s great concern and commitment for at-risk youth. www.skyranchfoundation.org

A story about Molly

July 22, 2010

Molly Millan, the little girl who inspired and propelled Peninsula Outreach Programs Inc. into being and is the reason for the creation of Conductive Education Programs in the nineties.

I first met Molly Millan on September 22nd, 1993, and on that day my life was changed forever. In one moment – as I looked into her eyes – I knew what it was I had to do. Nothing could be the same – not for Molly or me, or our families – or the thousands of children who came after her.
At the age of three Molly became the first child to be sent to Conductive Education by Peninsula Outreach Programs, Inc. It was because of her father’s tenacity and POPS, Inc. that, eventually, small Conductive Education pilot programs began springing up. Soon they were to become full time, year round Conductive Education Centers and programs. Today, many of the small CE programs we “umbrella” have gone on to become private schools and independent “501” organizations.
We are so proud of every dedicated Conductor who came to us from Hungary, each person involved in the advancement of Conductive Education, and all the children and parents that have come through the programs. They worked hard to achieve the personal best of each child and we congratulate the many kids who have gone on to join their peers in public schools.
Molly has now completed her Conductive Education and is a strong 2nd grader, who’s classmates adore her. She adores swimming, going to summer camp, and loves Disney World and Pizza. She is a very happy young lady who loves a good laugh and a good time. She is also bright, charming and strong willed, and gets great grades. She continues to benefit from the Family Assistance Program – her needs will always be special and she will always require some kind of assisted living – but the quality of her life and the life of her parents has improved immeasurably with the help of Peninsula Outreach Programs Inc. and the Family Assistance Program.
Thank you Molly for inspiring me – back then and now. Thank you for reminding me of the things that really matter; improving lives, sharing the gifts we are given and to always, always FOLLOW YOUR HEART! When you follow your heart you will always do the right thing! Thank you for showing me the way – one step, one child, one program at a time. It is good to know I am not in this alone!

Ursula Miller