Parallel London: The World’s first disability-led mass participation run event

For everyone, getting up and going to the gym can be a difficult task. We make excuses, we don’t have time, we don’t have the energy, or we just don’t like it. But being active is the healthiest way for us as humans to get more energy and to be able to do more! Physical activity is really important and can be really fun.

Struggling with CP or any disability can be an easy way to rule out physical activity in general. But that is why POPS provides scholarships to children to attend BOOST Camp and other programs to help them get up and move!

“A recent survey by Parallel London showed that 83% of disabled people would like to be more active and take part in more physical activity. But of these, 69% felt that they faced barriers in doing so.”

We want to help you push those barriers away and go for it! Walk or wheel your way to the finish line at Parallel London’s run, it seems difficult and daunting, but remember there will be people around the world supporting you and inspiring you! Or log on your computer and be the support team for your friends.

Wether you get the chance to participate in the Parallel London run or not, there are always some great training tips from these athletes. Check out what Sophie Morgan has to say:

“Sophie Morgan’s training tips

  1. Think about what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T do.
  2. Find a fitness routine that works for your body, no one else’s.
  3. Set yourself a weekly or monthly fitness goal and break it down into daily tasks.
  4. Put some of your favourite dance music on, it really will get you motivated!
  5. Eat healthy and balanced meals to compliment your exercise routine – you need the right fuel!”

Let’s get inspired together!


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