Testimonials from parents with children in the family assistance program for Conductive Education in California:

“My son is 4 years old, he was born with cerebral palsy, and we were told that he may never walk, there was no guarantee, and there was no expectation for him to progress. He is a smart kid with a huge amount of determination, but we never really knew (or even know now) what to expect. We found out about the BOOST late in the process last year, so we were put on a waitlist, and luckily we were given the opportunity to attend the program. My son went into BOOST mainly scooting around on his bottom. By the end of the program, he was potty-trained during the day, he was crawling on all 4 and within two weeks of the program ending he was walking, without any assistance. His progress has stunned his therapists, his doctors, his teachers and all of us.”

– Avner Family


“I am writing you to say “Thank You” for your continued support of our daughter Molly Moriah Mann in her participation in Conductive Education at Step by Step in Millbrae. Without your help Molly would probably not be able to continue her schooling… Molly really loves going to school and has grown by leaps and bounds since starting the program. She has become very accomplished and confident in herself…”

– Erik and Cynthia Mann

“Dylan loves going to school, that can be seen in his smile when you ask him how his day at school was. We are very grateful that your organization has made it possible for our son to achieve his maximum potential. Thanks to you, our son is a smiling, happy, and maturing boy.”

– Donna and Andrew Salisbury

Testimonials from teaching staff:

“Hamaseh is a joy to have in the class and continues to make progress. She likes to stand by herself even when she is supposed to be seated. This is a new skill she enjoys every day.”

– Craig Roberts, Executive Director

“Daniel is a very bright and outgoing boy now. We call him “the Mayor” He greets everyone he sees, he now speaks English, Hebrew, Hungarian, and some German. Not bad for someone who only used limited “No” words and was scared of everything and everyone.”

– Joyce Roberts

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