Welcome to POPS Kids! Peninsula Outreach Programs connects families with programs that can facilitate children with disabilities. Read more about POPS Kids here.

Lots of fun at the new Up Academy!

We were honored to be part of the Employer Gratitude Awards at UCP of the North Bay’s Grapes and Gratitude Event this year!

Our friends at Avalon Academy produced this fun video! It really shows us that each and every one of us can be their own super hero. So great to see their success! Take a peek:

A huge thank you to our friends at Sky Ranch Foundation for your incredible donation of $30,000. We cannot wait to share the love with all of POPS Kids families and children.

“Grants have been awarded to the Woodside, CA-based Peninsula Outreach Programs (POPSkids.org), now in its 25th year. POPSKids was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Ursula Miller to serve those in the community who were unable to receive aid from traditional sources. The Family Assistance Program and the Referral Service Program provided a valuable safety net for those “falling through the cracks”. However, it was their Conductive Education Program, added to POPS in 1995, that filled the greatest and most immediate need.”